For Telemedicine services, I use a HIPPA-compliant software that allows us to meet without you leaving your home. Telemedicine through this platform provides a setting very close to a traditional in-person setting.  Because the platform uses video, we are able to take into account facial expressions and body language and to relate to each other much as we would if we were together in our offices.  To enhance the effectiveness of our time together via telemedicine, I ask that you read carefully and follow the guidelines below:

Teleconferencing Guidelines:

PLEASE read these tips for making the most out of your teleconferencing session.  Thank you!


  • Audio – It’s best to use a headset/ear pods.  It also helps to keep what I am saying to you confidential. If you don’t have a headset, then just be sure you’re close to the microphone on your device so I can hear you well. Also, please be mindful of background noise, and be sure to be in a quiet, secure place.
  • Confidentiality – Please make sure you’re in a place where you will not be disturbed by other people or pets (quiet, non-disturbing pets are fine. It’s also important that other people don’t hear us speaking.
  • Power & Good Internet Connection – Please make sure your device has enough power for our session and/or you are plugged in. Also, please find a place where you have the strongest Internet connection to make sure you have enough bandwidth for video streaming.
  • Please make sure your video and audio are working prior to our meeting as well. I really want to both see and hear you.
  • Video – Please be sure your entire face can be seen by the camera and you’re positioned to be eye-level with me if possible. It’s helpful to set your devise on a stack of books or something that allows the camera to be positioned at about the top of your head (about 8-10 inches high, depending upon the device). This will help us to be eye to eye and see each other well.
  • Lighting: Please do your best to have light shining on your face and not coming from behind you. It is critical that you are looking at a window vs. having your back to the window, otherwise you’ll be backlit. A lamp in front of you is also a good solution.
  • Multi-person: Additionally, if you are participating in couples or family therapy, please make sure that you can see all of us at all times (“Gallery View”) vs. just being able to see the person speaking. If you are using an app on your phone or tablet, you typically just swipe to the right if you’re not on the correct setting to see everyone in Gallery View. However, there is a limit on how many people you can see depending upon your phone (usually about four).
  • Stationary: Please also keep your device still vs. carrying it around with you because that can make others feel dizzy and it’s difficult to focus.
  • Attention – Please focus on our conversation just like you would when we are sitting together in a room. Please refrain from doing other things rather than participating in your session. You may see me looking down to write notes about what you’re saying, but I promise I’m not doing anything else!
  • Act as Though You’re in PersonMostly, it’s just a lot more satisfying if we participate similarly to how we would while in person. It may take a time or two to get used to this format. However, if everyone does their part and preps ahead of time, it can be super easy, really enjoyable, and there’s no driving involved.


  • Before joining our meeting, you need to complete the TeleMental Health Informed Consent  Please complete the form and email it back to me at my HIPPA-compliant email
  • Once I receive your form, I will send you a link to my software platform.
  • To access my online clinic, please click on or copy and paste this link in your browser:
  • Click on “Enter waiting room” where you may create an account, or log in as a guest.
  • From there you may receive additional instructions based on the device you are using.
  • If you are asked to enter a room code, use 2du7p

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see you soon!