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Consultation & Therapy for Caregivers of Older Adults

I help the people who love and care for older adults. 

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Family journeys are filled with shifting relationships and there are ongoing transitions in the life of every family. One of those transitions occurs when we must begin to provide care for a family member. When caring for a loved one, your own mental health can be the single most critical factor in your loved one’s quality of life.  Research shows that the rates of stress and depression are higher for caregivers and it is essential that they have a solid support system.  Self-care is critical to the well-being of every caregiver.  There are specific successful strategies to help caregivers mind their own well-being and health.  
Caregivers want to know that they have done everything necessary to help their older loved one live their best life possible.  Caregiving requires balance, creativity and healthy strategies, all components of self-care.  
Self-care involves caregivers acknowledging and attending to their own physical, psychological, and social needs. Once a caregiver’s role is stable and their older adult’s needs are being successfully met, their relationship can flourish and they both can experience a closeness and sense of depth that make family relationships so very worthwhile.
my Services

Addressing Caregiver Concerns

I work with the following issues and concerns:

  • Family adjustment to caregiving
  • Caregiving around dementia diagnosis
  • Finding community resources
  • Having difficult but necessary conversations
  • Navigating long-term care options
  • Adjusting to grief and loss
  • Helping families navigate dilemmas that arise when family members don’t agree
  • Establishing care planning and appropriate courses of treatment
  • Helping families get unstuck
  • Helping you care for your older parent while respecting their integrity and dignity; and helping them maintain as much autonomy as possible
Not being in Control of A situation is Not the Same as being helpless.